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Anyone can draw through Guided Art Meditation!

Our hope is that you will come out of this experience feeling relaxed and empowered.   Meditative art through the  Zentangle® method founded by Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas is based on the the idea that "Anything is possible one stroke at a time".  Each participant is guided through an hour and a half of repetitive pen strokes and patterns in a space clear of judgement, filled with positive affirmation,  and gratitude.  The result is a sense of calm, focus, and a beautiful piece of art!

Other Uses:

  • Private Party 

  • Fundraiser 

  • Seminar in between activity 

  • Corporate Mindfulness Activity 

  • Birthday Celebration

  • Bridal Shower Activity 

  • Friendstangle 

  • School Mindfulness Activity

  • Individual Session

  • Group Session

  • Non Profit Program Activity

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What People Say

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Nelson Barry III

Joyce Vives is the skilled trainer, facilitator and driver behind an amazing technique the provides total relaxation for 90 munutes by drawing out a person's creative skills effortlessly in a supportive environment. It involves getting centered, relaxed and then letting Joyce guide you through a drawing exercise that will leave even the most cumbersome painter feeling peaceful, happy, creative and supported. I have done it three times and walked away each time feeling stress free, renewed and energetic.


What I love about Zentangle is that it turns mindless doodling into a mindful meditation. By allowing myself to be led through the process, I was able to let go of expectation and let the design reveal itself to me. Joyce is a wonderful teacher, always prepared and organized. With her calming voice and open heart, she leads each of us to create art that is beautiful in its individuality

IG: the_pigmented_palette

It has been a long time since I worked on an art piece. I think I had lost the motivation to keep going. It started becoming an activity to tick off in my daily timetable rather than an activity I engaged in to unwind and relax. People asked me why I stopped, and when I'll be getting back to my artwork. I said "I don't know" because I really didn't. I just knew that I had to wait as long as it took me to start treating a means for relaxation again, rather than my next project deliverable. Seldom did I know that my comeback was going to be a Zentangle piece that I created in a mindfulness session organized by Urban Angels SF (@urbanangelssf), under the guidance of @joicevives

It was my first attempt at Zentangle and I absolutely love this piece. And like Joyce told us, the only thing you need to know to create this is  know how to draw a line!



- Urban Angels SF

- Rotary Club Berkeley

- Rotary Youth Club District 3131 Pune, India

- Presented at: Genentech, SF Department of Public Health, Solano County Filipino Mental Health Initiative

- San Francisco Asian Pacific Islander Health Parity Coalition

- West Bay Filipino Multi Service Youth Program

- SOMCAN Pilipinas, San Francisco

About Us

Joyce Vives

Joyce holds an International Diploma in Mental Health Law and Human Rights from the World Health Organization and India Law Society.

Miles Diloy

Hi, my name is Miles Diloy. I’m 16 years old and a rising Junior. This summer, my mom and I are partnering to share the benefits of meditative art through the Zentangle® method.

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